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Life as an Intern

Each day, everyone at Springworks comes into work with a true passion for building products and tools for the HR ecosystem. We are artists, innovators, achievers, and dreamers, with a one-track mind to fine-tune the products that we build. Through this series of posts, we showcase our team members, their roles, and what a typical day looks like for them. You can check all the posts here.

A soft-spoken soul from Lovely Professional University, Srijeet is an engineer who works on the backend of our software production efforts. He’s passionate about solving real-world problems and loves to take on challenges. 

Here is a discussion with Srijeet:

How did you learn to code and what made you choose software development?

I am a Computer Science student and that’s where I learn the basics, but for the newer technologies and complex concepts, I am mostly self-taught. Then I turned to YouTube and read a lot to grasp new ideas and that’s where I started doing projects and actively started getting into coding.

I think learning outside of the curriculum is super interesting and really helpful because that’s one place where you make mistakes and learn to identify and correct them yourself. It’s crucial to be able to identify, analyze, and improve yourself as a developer, especially if you want to work on new technologies.

What do you work on at Springworks? 

I work on building the backend systems on which our applications are run. I’ve always worked on building applications end-to-end at college, but here because the projects are on a larger scale, I chose to work on the backend.

It’s a lot of fun because you get to make the system that sends the information when the user wants to access something or do anything at all on the platform. 

You have to think of a lot of edge-cases and try to understand what every function needs to do and that’s very challenging.

Why did you decide to join a startup and not an MNC?

I think that working at a startup early on gives you a more comprehensive view of the tech and business. You learn a lot more owing to the fact you get more flexibility to work with different teams and learn something new every day. In an MNC, you are limited to working with a specific team and I prefer to work in a more dynamic environment.

I love the fact that even as an intern, I work on live projects and every single line of code that I write makes a real difference in the product. It’s very exciting to be in an environment that enables that.

The pace is high, but once you get the hang of it – it is a lot of fun and I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed my time like this at an MNC.

How has been your experience here so far?

I absolutely love it! The seniors are really helpful and friendly. I love my work and enjoy it. 

I started with a bunch of courses to get me up to speed with the rest of the team and after that, I hit the ground running. We worked on making APIs and having very supportive senior devs in my team. We were able to get it up and running really soon.

I could approach anyone from the team if I got any issues. The open-door policy is not just something we say, but it’s really implemented and everyone is more than happy to help out with issues.

It’s been great so far and I know it is going to be great in the future too!

What’s next for you?

I’m in my final year of engineering at LPU (Lovely Professional University), and after this, I plan to continue exploring and working in the same field. Building products is my passion and I would be more than delighted to stay at Springworks and learn and grow!

Learning is the most important thing for me and I try to learn something new every week, so as long as that is fulfilled, I would be happy.

How do you envision your future?

Just want to explore more – both in coding and in life. I see myself making more friends, having more fruitful discussions about technology, business and a variety of things and learn something new every week. 

I have already started working on it and make sure to learn something new every week and implement it in my code or life. This has helped me grow in ways I couldn’t have imagined and I hope I can keep doing this!

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