Know Our Advisor: Andy Tong

Andy Tong is a serial entrepreneur known for his success as Founder and CEO of top online game portal MMOABC. Andy’s role as co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at SyncFab involves influencing, maintaining and fostering relationships with strategic partners, which has led to a very successful token sale with over $15M raised.

In addition, he is an angel investor in biotech, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, eCommerce, education, gaming, hardware, mobile apps, monetization platforms, real estate and virtual currency companies. In his free time, Andy regularly advises and mentors various startup companies.

What drew you to SpringRole as an advisor?

“Michael Jones, the CEO of Science, made the introduction to SpringRole. Kartik and I clicked immediately, and I was impressed with his vision, team, advisory board, investors, partners, clients and industry disruption plans.”

From your perspective, what are the top 2–3 most compelling aspects of SpringRole’s technology and business model?

“First mover’s advantage. SpringRole provides a trusted blockchain verification service that LinkedIn does not currently have. A tokenized incentivization rewards system utilizing “SPRING” tokens will create the network effect to accelerate critical mass adoption.”

What is the major challenge you see SpringRole, or any player in the next-generation professional network space, having to overcome?

“The inability to build and roll out the platform correctly, which is highly unlikely since the software development team is strong. Secondly, the marketing has to be world-class and effective to be able to compete against the likes of LinkedIn.”

What’s the advantage that you see in SpringRole’s approach to the market?

“No other company is currently doing what SpringRole plans to do. So again, the first movers advantage. Speed and execution is key and I believe SpringRole is strategically positioned to take names.”

Looking ahead, what do you think are some likely competitive responses to companies like SpringRole from legacy social players like LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as traditional recruiting and HR-management providers?

“They will all try to do the same thing once they read about SpringRole. Large public companies have many layers to decisions and development approval processes, which means it will take longer. The advantage of a startup like SpringRole is that decisions are made quickly and development moves much faster. Don’t be surprised if LinkedIn, Facebook and or other large HR management providers will become potential acquirers to SpringRole in the future.”

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