Introducing Virtual Water Cooler in Trivia

It’s time to invite organic distractions to your daily work… and that’s a good thing!

Water cooler talks are the unsung hero of office productivity. These impromptu meetings may have been long gone in the age of virtual work. But, you can recreate this ritual with Trivia.

What is watercooler talk?

“Water cooler talks” refers to casual conversations between co-workers about non-work topics. These conversations can build relations, boost employee morale, and more than anything, it helps them get back to work motivated and relaxed. 

Particularly in remote and distributed teams, virtual water coolers help employees get to know each other and connect on a personal level. It creates a collaborative space to converse, connect, and sometimes build lifelong friendships. 

Why did we build it? 

Being a forever remote company like ourselves, often, we faced challenges where people switch to an auto-pilot mode where they get into the vicious cycle of projects, tasks, and deadlines. 

To give them a break and unwind with their peers, we build Trivia’s Virtual Water Cooler. Because we believed corridor conversations could make or break a healthy company culture. 

As a result, we recreated those casual, non-work-related conversations that our people are used to. Be it a topic on yesterday’s NBA match or a movie releasing this Friday – we simply post a topic, kick-start discussions, and replicate office water cooler moments, anywhere. 

How does Trivia’s Water Cooler work? 

Trivia plugs directly into the collaboration platforms you already use, i.e., Slack and Microsoft Teams. 

Trivia Water cooler

As you know, happy teams are more productive, and Trivia’s water cooler effect is so good that it can directly impact your day-to-day tasks. 

Here are three simple steps to get started with Trivia’s Water Cooler:

  1. Choose a channel

Select a channel where you want to initiate conversations or create a dedicated Water Cooler channel to keep connections more channelized.

  1. Post questions

Simply choose the category, or create your own questions of your choice. Trivia will automatically post a question in the channel of your choice.

  1. Socialize serendipitously

Jump into conversations with your people, bring some casual banter and friendly chats that your people might be missing out on

So what are you waiting for? Post a topic in a channel and get started instantly. 

PS – We’re also planning to add Peer Introductions and Virtual coffee pair-ups soon to give you a comprehensive team-building experience without hopping apps.

Prasanna Venkatesh

Product Marketer at Springworks.

About me:
A passionate marketer with 5+ years of experience obsessed with copywriting, content strategy, product positioning, and messaging. Preferences - Marketing. Chelsea. Cosmos. In that order...

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