Introducing Trivia’s Scheduler Feature: Cruise-control your team engagements, morale, and happiness!

Trivia's scheduler feature

Consistency is the gold-standard for any measure.

It holds true not just for employee performance, ratings, appraisals but also for intangible factors such as morale, happiness, motivation, and competitiveness. 

That’s why to ensure your teams are consistent with the latter – We’re delighted to introduce the scheduler for all of Trivia’s games.

Simply schedule Trivia games and play them periodically. Be it instant quizzes, word puzzles, Gotcha!, (Un)popular opinions, Custom quizzes. Our Trivia bot takes care of the rest! 

Before starting a game, Trivia Bot notifies you ensuring that you never miss out on a light moment with your teams. Now you’ve got no excuse to miss out on the fun! 

How to Schedule Trivia Games

Just three simple steps:

Step 1:

DM “Schedule” to Trivia.

Or Click “Open scheduler” in the app home.

Step 2:

Select Game Type:

Step 3:

Click “Create a new schedule” 

Why Should You Schedule Trivia Games?

Here are some reasons why should you use Trivia’s scheduling feature:

To keep up the employee engagement levels

The ongoing remote culture has made the boundary between work and non-work nebulous. Many in your team may still be missing out on usual tea breaks and Fussball games. Thus ensuring that your peers don’t burn-out easily becomes important. 

By scheduling your Trivia games, you can ensure all your employees engage together as a team, leaving behind whatever they are doing. 

No longer feel nostalgic about your 4 PM huddle in your office cafeteria, as you can schedule Gotcha! to bring the good old time back. 

Get together as a team and drive employee engagement even while working remotely. Build a strong remote team culture.

To boost team morale and level-up their motivation

Nothing slogs an employee like Mondays. In fact, the thought of dragging themselves to the office starts even before Sunday evening.

On the bright side, imagine Monday mornings with your teams riding high already, setting the right tone for the rest of the week? With Trivia, you can exactly do that! 

Simply schedule Trivia games right after your teams’ login during the start of the week and encourage participation. 

This can quickly lighten their mood and ensure they get out of the weekend hangover in no time. Trivia games make the transition smoother. 

It’s fun!

All of us hate missing out on the fun. That’s why Trivia lets you schedule the games! 

Trivia’s virtual quizzes and remote games are quick mental boosters that help your teams stay motivated and productive. 

We’re sure your teams will love this auto-schedule option. Not to mention, it might even eventually become a habit for your teams to play these games.  

Now there is no excuse to shape-up your work-week in ways you’ve never imagined. 

Ready to bring your remote team together?

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