Introducing Trivia 9.0

Introducing Trivia 9.0: Bringing a fresh perspective to virtual team building

Trivia steps into its 9th major release with the updates aimed at uncovering new opportunities for teams to collaborate, communicate and connect, effortlessly.

For in-office teams – communications, personal relations, and team bondings happen organically. But in a virtual set-up, these become challenging. 

That’s why our newest update aims to cut through these hurdles and help you build an effective unit, even while apart. 

To start with…  

Introducing Trivia’s Virtual Water Cooler

Those chance meetings in your office hallway? That random coffee catch-up with the person from the sales team? Or the conversations with your new hires to make them feel more comfortable.

If you feel like you’re missing out on these, then it’s safe to say Trivia’s virtual water cooler is for you. 

virtual water cooler
Glimpse of what you can do with Trivia’s Virtual Water Cooler

We’ve re-created the office watercooler from scratch for your people to open up communication lines and bond better as a unit. Kick-start discussions, make peer introductions, or a catch-up over virtual coffee, and connect your team on a personal level. 

Remember, there is nothing like fostering workspace friendship, and the best part is you can now fulfill it virtually. 

Better engagements, now driven by multiple admins

Another area where we’ve made a fine upgrade is you can now appoint multiple admins for your workspace. Purpose-built to deliver a team-building experience that’s fun, flexible, and effective.  

multiple admins
Multiple admins for better engagements

Anyone who’s an admin can launch games, kick-start Water Cooler conversations, and ensure all your team-building practices advance smoothly. Even in the absence of one, others can take the responsibility of picking up where you left off, i.e., to have fun with your team. 

Not to mention quite a few nifty updates 

To enhance your experience further, we’ve made a lot of nice yet essential tweaks. Here are some noteworthy ones: 

  1. In the Word Search game, the answers now get shown up after the completion of every game. Talk about delivering instant solutions, we’ve got you!
  2. Get notified about who has scheduled a game. Just to make competitions collaborative, friendly, and participatory. 
  3. We’ve added a new category – Surprise Me. This feature works as a part of your scheduler. As the name suggests, Trivia will choose and launch a random game automatically for you. Not just quizzes, Surprise Me helps you explore almost every game present in Trivia’s arsenal, effortlessly. Stick to the same set of games – said no one. 

PS: Games like Spot the Differences, Pictionary are coming soon.

That’s all for now. Hope we’ve given you more reasons to enjoy Trivia with your team. 

Oh, wait… Did we miss anything? Yes… Your opinions. Do let us know in the comments below. 

Happy team building! 

Ready to bring your remote team together?

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