Introducing “This or That” by Trivia: Know your teams better and bond with your peers faster!

Introducing Trivia's feature

Teammates who laugh together bond stronger. Their smiles keep their engagements lively and interactive – and that is exactly what Trivia’s “This or That” game brings to your workspace. 

What is Trivia’s “This or That”? 

A simple game posing questions involving two choices. The players are supposed to make their preferences known by choosing an answer option, even if neither of them really appeals to them.  

There are no right or wrong answers in the game of ToT. It’s the option chosen by the majority that gets you through to the next round. If you choose an option that’s not selected by the majority of your peers, you’re out of the game. 

The winner will be someone who has consistently chosen popular choices throughout the course of the game. Child’s play!

How ToT helps you to bond better with your teams

This wacky game of hypotheticals can be a good way to understand your peer’s preferences instantly. Or you can just use it as a simple game for your next ice-breaking session to set things on a high. 

Either way, your teams will walk away with more knowledge about their fellow employees and will be showing fewer signs of boredom. This game has the potential to be funny and outrageous, serious and mundane – simultaneously! 

How to launch ToT inside Trivia

Step 1: Select “This or that” game from the app home

Go to the Trivia App Home and click on “Start a game of This or That” from the button shortcuts. 

Step 2: Choose the channel and launch the game

Select the channel where you’d like to play the game and there you go! You are all set to roll! 

That said, the more you play this game with your teams, the more you get to know about them! This game works great as an icebreaker, by building a strong bond with your teams right from the beginning! 

At the end of the day, if they choose turkey bacon over real bacon, it’s a deal-breaker.

Want more information? Read these FAQs

Q: What games can I play with Trivia?

We currently have five games:

🎉 Trivia Quizzes

🌶 (Un)Popular Opinions

🧩 Anagrams

🧐 Gotcha!

🙆‍♂️ This Or That

Q: How many categories of quizzes are available?

We have over 26,000 Trivia questions across more than 30 categories ready to be played.

Q: Is there a limit for the number of quizzes you can conduct once a purchase is made?

No, you are open to access all our quizzes!

Q: Do you have any hot picks or trending topics?

Yes, we update our question banks for all our Trivia games from time to time with trending topics.

Q: What if the answer recorded by the app is incorrect? Can I submit a query to get the answer corrected?

Please chat with us here on website support. We’d love to talk to you.

Q: Can you help organize a tournament?

Of course! Please get in touch with us over chat here on website support.

Q; Is there a limit to the number of people who can respond/participate in a quiz?

No! Your entire workspace can participate together on a paid plan (or on our restricted/limited free tier).

Q: What happens if you join a quiz after it has started?

The quiz goes on and points are scored from that point onwards.

Check out this article to learn why we built Trivia.

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