I soo wish I had my internship at SpringRole before starting my career in startups!

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I have around 9 years of experience working, give or take. Most of which is with startups. I am a big proponent of startups. I love the energy, enthusiasm, and camaraderie. I firmly believe that startups are the harbinger of change. And, the world needs new ideas to materialize.

In my journey so far, I have seen startups at various success stages from the inside. I have been in a startup which did well, yet failed! (My startup. It was called Happner Ventures — a live-streaming startup).

I have worked with a great team which got acquired (BetaCraft). And, I have worked with a startup which got valued at around a Billion Dollars (Media.Net).

I boasted a fair share of startup experience before walking through the doors of SpringRole to talk about the Content Specialist role. I knew what SpringRole was, what they were working on, and how they make it a point to have fun while doing what they do. Easy! I thought!

But, I was not ready for what unwrapped in front of me during my discussions with Abhash, Head of Community at SpringRole. I quickly found out that everyone here looked at the future with great optimism. Everyone loved the technology they were working on — Blockchain and swear by it. The tenacity with which everyone talked about the future was refreshing, to say the least.

You see, SpringRole employs a level of spark while working. It is super-important to every team member here. I have never seen a bunch of people with such positive affirmation towards their work.

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Then, I got to talk to our interns!

Boy, they are good! The energy which they radiate is addictive, and the passion they have for work is fantastic. There are a few things which I can say for sure about them after a brief discussion with them about life and more.

One, they all have the spark to do something really important. Yes, they are all looking for success, but they would not trade the cause they believe in for anything, not even success. This is rare.

Two, all of them have good knowledge, not just about what they are working on, but fields totally different from technology and development. One intern asked me if I had read works of Dostoevsky. I had to take a minute before I could react to the question. ‘I have,’ should have been the answer from my end, but I couldn’t control feeling overwhelmed. I had not heard of Dostoevsky much less pronounce it correctly at their age.

And three, all of them were contributing towards something significant at SpringRole. Everyone is working on live projects; things which will shape the SpringRole products going forward. They were all learning at a pace which I have rarely seen anywhere else. You cannot learn this in college for sure.

“Passion is everything,” said Yashasvi, during a discussion about his internship at SpringRole.

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So, why do I wish I’d done my internship at SpringRole before starting my career?

One reason is that the learning curve here is excellent. The curve is gradual, yet it takes the interns to heights they would not reach anywhere else.

The other reason is what they get to work on here directly impacts the lives of people. They all work on live projects and contribute to a product we are building at any given point in time.

We are building on some of the leading technologies — Blockchain, AI, and Machine Learning. The interns get to know what the technology is all about and get to use it to build real products. This is priceless from an internship standpoint. These are not side-projects.

And they have great fun doing all of this. I want to go back in time and get an internship for this fact alone. (PS: To be clear, SpringRole didn’t exist when I started my career. But I wish it did.)

The atmosphere, in general, is very inviting and fun. Everyone has the luxury to choose their own work time (we usually work from 1PM to 8PM), have breaks whenever they want or play foosball (SpringRole’s top choice for let’s-take-a-break-for-15-minutes). Oh yeah, it also helps that we have quarterly team outings to keep things light and build friendships.

Now, I want to talk to all of our interns and learn more

I want to continue the conversation with these young minds and find out what makes them tick. To know why they chose SpringRole and to know what they like or want to change. It is fun talking to them, and I get to learn something every time.

Watch this space for a one-on-one talk with our interns.

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