How to create an end-to-end HR policy set-up for a startup [Resource Page]

HR Policy set up

HR policies are the backbone of your workplace. But creating these policies require end-to-end focus on every possible aspect of an organization- from the business side of the same, the people, to employer branding purposes.

Particularly in a startup, things are yet to settle down. There are constant changes in certain ways how the workplace is supposed to function. In short, it is chaotic.

If you are an HR professional within a startup, we know exactly where you are confused and need help. Hence, we have created a one-stop solution to reduce 90% of your hard work when it comes to creating policies for your organization.

In this resource page, you will find HR policy templates where all you have to do is copy, paste, and add your company details- how much more convenient can it get?

Create an end-to-end HR Policy set-up with these templates

Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy

This policy is mandatory for strict prohibition of any sort of unwelcome physical contact, demand for sexual favours or passing remarks around it. It ensures that people who are victim to any such situations can call for strict actions against the person found guilty.

Every organization has this policy to protect their employees from these happenings.

Suggested templates:

Workplace Bullying Policy

Bullying is often considered limited to school playgrounds and young kids. However, it is important to throw light on the fact that bullying occurs in the workplace and has to be prohibited by all means.

Workplace bullying includes physical or verbal acts that might hurt or isolate a person. In order to prevent it, you need to have a mandatory policy against the same.

Suggested templates:

Workplace Bullying Policy

Workplace Anti-Bullying Policy

Anti Discrimination Policy

This policy is a step towards ensuring that no employees face discrimination on the basis of “race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status such as disability, age, marital and family status, sexual orientation and gender identity, health status, place of residence, economic and social situation.”

Suggested templates:

Nondiscrimination/Anti-Harassment Policy and Complaint Procedure

Anti-discrimination policy

Attendance and punctuality policy

One of the basic, obvious, and the key responsibilities of an employee is attendance and punctuality. The policy works on setting up expectations around the dedication to be shown by the employees.

Employees are expected to reach on a time and days specified by the organization. This policy does not include the paid time-offs provided by the company.

Suggested templates:

Attendance Policy: Template

Employee Attendance Policy

Bring your own device policy

Some organizations prefer employees bringing /using their own devices for work purposes. Hence, they need to create their Bring your own Device policy. Though subjective throughout different roles, some common devices include mobile phones, laptops, tablets, USB.

Suggested templates:

SHRM: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

Ntiva: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy – Sample Template

Cash handling policy

In order to prevent theft within the company, you need to create a cash handling policy which lays down standard expectations to be matched by employees when it comes to handling company’s cash. 

This will also state the strict actions taken when there is any sort of misappropriate handling of the cash detected.

Suggested templates:

Simul: Theft & Cash Handling Policy

Business in a box: Cash Handling Policy Template

Child labour policy

Laws against child labour call for strict actions when breached. Child labour occurs when children under the age of 12 are made to work. Not only organizations, but every individual, should take a stance against it.

A child labour policy in the workplace calls for following these laws clearly and maintaining a healthy environment for children. 

Suggested templates:

Workable: Child labor policy

wilmar: Child Labour Policy

Code of conduct policy

One of the most common policies around organization, code of conduct talks about the company principles, values, expectations from the employees in terms of work ethics and standards.

It is a must-have for all organizations and reflects the culture of the organization. It helps the organization to communicate clearly with the employees around these factors.

Suggested templates:

greytHR: Employee Code of Conduct Policy

Workable: Employee Code of Conduct Policy

SHRM: Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Company sick leave policy

It is obvious that this policy is also mandatory in every organization. Every employee is entitled to taking paid time off when they are unwell. These kinds of leaves are known as sick leaves and organizations fix a number of time-off to offer per year. 

Suggested templates:

SHRM: Sick Leave Policy

Workable: Sample Sick Leave Policy

Computer use policy

How to use the computer and other work-related devices and equipment correctly? To explain this to your employees, you have to create an effective computer use policy. This should include everything- from when to take consent to what to do if stolen/lost/misused.

Suggested templates:

SoftActivity: Sample Computer Use Policy


Conflict of interest

When an employee’s methods or interests clash with that of the employees, it leads to a conflict of interest. Being a startup, you need to be prepared with what to do in such a situation.

Create a policy which effectively discusses what to do in such a situation, and how both the employers and the employees are responsible for resolving it.

Suggested templates:

Workable: Employee conflict of interest policy

Contractor policy

This one is specifically designed to cater to outsourced workers. When you reach out to a third party instead of an employee, the perks you offer, the procedure, etc., changes. 

Hence, you need a contractor policy to fixate these factors for any third party worker you coordinate with.

Suggested templates:

SampleTemplates: FREE 8+ Contractor Management Policy Samples in PDF | MS Word

Copedia: Contractor Policies and Procedures Templates

Corporate Social Responsibility

As evident by the name itself, corporate social responsibility means contributions made by a business towards the social good.

This can be around any social work, environmental benefits, and more.

Suggested templates:

Workable: Corporate social responsibility company policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Template

Diversity and inclusion

Over days, every workplace is ensuring great efforts towards introducing and maintaining diversity and inclusion factors.

All sections, caste, religions, gender of different employees should be welcomed, respected, and treated equally. Hence, in order for employees to abide by these rules, it is important to have a D&I policy set-up within the workplace. Here are a few templates you can use:

Suggested templates:

SHRM: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy

Acas working for everyone: Equality, diversity and inclusion policy template

Dress code policy

Many organizations have rules around how they want their employees to be dressed. A dress code policy includes everything- from how to dress, who does this policy apply to, and what if someone violates it.

Suggested templates:

Betterteam: Dress Code Policy

Workable: Sample Business Dress Code Policy

ConnectTeam: Dress Code Policy Template

Drug testing

Every organization needs to make sure that their workplace environment is safe and drug-free. Hence, random drug testing is important in these scenarios. Create an entire drug testing policy which states the need for random drug testing in the workplace and how the entire procedure will be conducted.

Suggested templates:

SHRM: Drug-Testing Policy (Random Testing)

Workable: Drug Testing Policy

Employee business expense reimbursement

Employees might have to make any work-related expenses while doing their tasks. Ideally, the organization should take responsibility for those expenses.

Suggested templates:

SHRM : Expense Reimbursement Policy

greytHR: Expense Reimbursement Policy

Employee referral

Organizations offer a referral bonus when an employee successfully brings in a right fit for an open position. This bonus can vary based on company, role, and more. 

Suggested templates: 

Workable: Employee Referral Program Policy

TalentLyft: Employee referral program policy template

SHRM: Employee Referral Program Procedures

Employee relationships in the workplace policy

While a company cannot prevent friendships or romantic relationships between the employees, they often create certain guidelines around it. The purpose of the same is to ensure a strict and fair line between personal engagements and professional responsibilities.

Suggested templates:

SHRM: Employee Dating Policy

Workable: Workplace Romance Policy

Employee remote work policy

As more and more companies have switched to being permanently remote/hybrid, they need a new set of detailed guidelines for this different way of functioning and conducting tasks. 

Suggested templates:

Workable: Employee remote work policy template

BetterTeam: Remote work policy

Employee smoking policy

Companies need to keep their workplace smoking-free to:

  1. Protect non-smokers from passive smoking
  2. Create a clean workplace
  3. Avoid possibilities of fire
  4. Prevent fire alarms setting off due to smoke detection.

Suggested templates:

Workable: Smoke Free Workplace Policy

Sample Tobacco-free Workplace Policy

Employee theft policy

If employees are using anything that belongs to the workplace, they are bound to return it timely and in a fit condition.

This policy should be used for prevention of thefts of these belongings by the employees and strict actions to be taken if anyone attempts to violate it.

Suggested templates:

Sample Employee Theft Policy

Employee Theft Prevention Policies

Employee confidentiality

To get certain tasks done, you need to provide confidential information to your employees. However, how to make sure that it stays safe? That is where the employee confidentiality policy comes into place.

This policy talks about how employees should handle confidential information and what are the actions that would be taken in case of the violation for this act.

Suggested templates:

Employee Confidentiality Policy Template

Confidentiality Agreement

Environmental policy

Organizations should take necessary steps to reduce their impact on the environment. An environment policy consists of steps that the organization would take in order to do the same.

Suggested templates:

Sample Environmental Policy Statement

Small Business Environmental Policy Template

Exit interview

Your employees are the face of your company. They represent you! When an employee resigns from the company, it is important to know why they made this decision and what they now feel about the company.

Hence, it is important to take exit interviews where they answer these questions.

Suggested templates:

Employee Exit Interview Policy Template | Workable

Sample exit interview policy/procedure, #1

Employee fraud policy

This policy prevents employees from indulging into any sort of irregularities with shareholders/contractors/vendors/or anyone else.

Suggested templates:

Sample Fraud Policy

Gift policy

No employee can accept personal monetary benefits/gifts from an existing/potential client. Gifts to all employees under a reasonable value can be accepted.

Suggested templates:

Gift Acceptance Policy

Grievance policy

This policy covers how an employee raises and puts forward their complaints in a healthy manner.

Suggested templates:

Workable: Grievance procedure company policy

Hiring policy

This policy determines the recruitment procedure of new candidates within the organization- from whether to hire externally or internally, platforms to find candidates, selection stages, and more.

Suggested templates:

Hiring Policy and Procedures

Employee Recruitment and Selection Policy Sample

Employee Recruitment Policy Template |Download hiring policy

Internal Job Posting

This policy ensures that any open vacancies are posted internally before externally. The idea is to give employees the opportunity to grow in their career and pursue their passions.

Suggested templates:

Internal Job Posting Policy For Employers Template | Workable

Download Internal Job Posting Policy Template – greytHR

Internet and email policy for employees

The internet/email usage is mandatory for employees to establish connections and handle work processes. The internet and email policy for employees determines the extent to which employees can use these measures and the procedure of using it.

Suggested templates:

Email and Internet workplace policies – SAMPLES

Free Internet and Email Usage Policy template

IT Cyber Security

This policy states the guidelines for securing and preserving the data and technology systems of the organization. Every organization has important data and information that needs to be protected by any sort of leakage, fraud, etc.

Suggested templates:

Company cyber security policy template – Workable

Free IT & Cyber Security Policy Templates For 2022

Free IT & Cyber Security Policy Templates For 2022

Job Rotation Policy

Job rotation is necessary for giving employees a space to explore themselves and their passions. hence, this template decides the procedure for employees who want to transfer their departments within their organization.

Suggested templates:

Job Rotation Policy

Download Job Rotation Policy Template – greytHR

Leave policy 

The leave policy ensures a reasonable amount of days for recreation and time-offs for the employees every year. Therefore, a certain number of casual and sick leaves are mandatory in every organization.

Suggested templates:

Download Leave Policy template for Free on greytHR

Leave Policy, Company HR Leave of absence Policy for Employees, find Sample format

Sample company sick leave policy

16+ Leave Policy Templates – Free PDF, Word Format Download

Maternity Leave

Maternity leave policies provide a reasonable amount of time-offs to women employees expecting a child or are mothers to newborns. Therefore, these leaves are necessary to bond and take care of their kids.

Suggested templates:

Maternity Leave Policy Template | Workable

Maternity leave policy in India | Get Free Template

Paid Parental Leave Policy

Occupational workplace health safety

Your workplace should follow the most hygienic practices and offer the best working conditions to the employees. The policy should cover all legal standards to create a healthy and safe workplace. 

Suggested templates:

Occupational / Workplace Health and Safety Policy Template | Workable

Free Workplace Health & Safety Policy Template for Microsoft Word | Simul

Work health and safety policy – samples

Paternity leave

Paternity leave is similar to maternity leave but for the fathers of newborns or adopted children.

Suggested templates:

Paid Parental Leave Policy

Payroll Advance policy

This policy ensures early payments to your employees in some cases as a short-term loan.

Suggested templates:

Payroll Advance policy – Workable

Download Salary Advance Policy template for Free on greytHR

Payroll Appraisal And Salary Review

This policy covers all stages of an employee’s performance appraisal– from planning, discussing, and reviewing. For example, it includes transfers, salary raises, and more.

Suggested templates:

Performance and Salary Review Policy

Employee Performance Review Policy Template | Workable

Pets in the workplace policy

Organizations often allow employees to bring in their pets and take care of them within the workplace. This policy covers the do’s and dont’s of the same.

Suggested templates:

Pets in the workplace company policy

Dogs in the Workplace Policy Template – Hire Ventures


Travel policy

Suggested templates:

Your employees might have to travel to different places due to work-related tasks. And ideally, it is the responsibility of the organization to reimburse/pay for these travel expenses.

Travel Expense Policy

Corporate Travel & Expense Reimbursement Policy Template

Company travel policy – Workable

Notice Period

While the aim is to retain your employees, often for some particular reason, resignation is inevitable. After an employee resigns, there is a set of particular rules and guidelines to be followed.

Suggested templates:

Employee Resignation Policy Template | Workable

Separation/Termination of Employment Policy Sample

Probation and confirmation

Every employee’s first few months of employment are probationary. Here, the company analyzes their performance and then confirms their role. Hence, every organization needs a policy to cover the regulations of the probation period.

Suggested templates:

Probation Confirmation Policy – mPower HR.

Employee Probation and Confirmation Policy Template| greytHR

Employee Probationary Period Policy

Rewards and recognition

If employees do not get the recognition they deserve, they will not remain motivated for long. The key ingredient to effective employee retention and dedication is to make them feel valued and recognized for their contributions. This recognition can either be monetary or a simple pat on the back.

Suggested templates:

Employee Rewards and Recognition Policy | greytHR

Separation policy

A separation policy ensures that the termination of an employee is done with full clarity and zero disputes.

Suggested templates:

Separation/Termination of Employment Policy Sample

Separation of Employment Policy – Procedures for Voluntary and Involuntary (Including Employee Death) Terminations

Employee Separation Policy template in India | greytHR

Social Media Policy

Along with your company’s social media, it is probable that whatever your employees post from their own social media accounts can pose a threat to the company and its image. Hence, this policy prevents any such situations.

Suggested templates:

Company social media policy for employees

How to Write a Social Media Policy (Free Template + Examples)

Social Media Policy

Whistleblower policy

A whistleblower is a person who reports any sorts of violations or misbehavior within the organization. This policy covers the protection offered to the whistleblower in terms of confidentiality and against retaliation.

Suggested templates:

Whistleblower Policy

Sample Whistleblower Policy

Free Whistleblower Policy Template for Microsoft Word | Simul Docs

Transport Policy

This policy ensures transport facilities to employees especially when they are working late or having early shifts for their safety and convenience.

Suggested templates:

Download Transport Policy Template for Free – greytHR

Company car policy sample

Violence at workplace

This policy makes employees aware about what workplace violence is and additionally to encourage them to report any early signs or threats.

Suggested templates:

Understanding Workplace Violence Prevention and Response

Violence in the workplace policy template

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