How to send INVITE tokens to your friend?

  1. Go to MyEtherWallet.
  2. Click on Send Ether and Tokens
  3. Choose on how to access your wallet. If its Metamask, then click on Metamask.

4. Click on Connect to Metamask

5. Add Custom Token — bottom right

6. Fill in the details

Contract Address: 0xd6343fc13204ec6ea4dcbac0f73587f3955f93e7

Symbol: INVITE

Decimals: 18

7. Save and then fill in the ethereum address of your friend. Make sure to select “INVITE” from the dropdown.

8.Generate Transaction and then “Send Transaction”

9. It’ll ask you to confirm.

10. Metamask opens up

11. Click on Submit and that’s all!

Draft Whitepaper: here

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