How to Host A Remote Trivia Night on Zoom

How to Host A Remote Trivia Night on Zoom in 2023?

Working from home has its share of advantages. However, you cannot deny the fact that you get immensely bored at home. So to keep the enthusiasm high, what better way than to have a virtual trivia night? 

You can organize a trivia night on Zoom. It is easy and so much fun to do. But you might think, how to host a Zoom trivia night? Don’t trivia nights require you to be present at the venue?

So, here is the thing, virtual trivia nights have been trending for quite a time now. You can read various reviews for it across the internet. 

But the question is, how can you do that? 

You must have used Zoom for your meetings and presentations at least once during the lockdown. Zoom is a video conferencing app. And you can use it for so many purposes. And this time, you can use the app for organizing a super fun remote trivia night.

How to host a trivia night on Zoom? 

Here is how you can do it.

Download and Sign up for the App

The first step is simple. To organize a Zoom trivia night, you first need to download the Zoom app. Now make your Zoom account or log in if you already have one. 

At the start, it may look a bit confusing. For that, you can refer to a few YouTube videos. Zoom is by far the most easy-to-use video conferencing app.

Schedule your trivia night

The next important step is to schedule an event. You should plan this event to save yourself from the last-minute fuss. 

All you need to do is open the app, and you can find an option to schedule a meeting. Fill in the details, and you are good to go.

Send invites to the entire team

Send a proper invite to everyone who would be a part of your Zoom trivia night. You can email them or send a message with the link to join the event on the communication channel that you may be using.

Share your screen

Finally, it is D day. You are the one who has organized the entire event, so you will be sharing your screen with everyone. Make sure you have two different windows since people will be sending you their answers. And you would not want everyone to know what the others are sending to you. 

So, the screen that you will be sharing will have the questions. And the other screen will only be visible to you.

Mute everyone else except yourself

Considering you are the moderator, mute everyone else except yourself. It will help you carry out the entire event without much chaos. It will also allow the participants to talk within themselves. 

That means they can communicate over a voice call or use any other platform for that purpose. This way, they can discuss privately while being present on the Zoom app with everyone else.

Use the breakouts feature

Zoom has launched a new feature known as “breakout.” With this, you can break the entire group of attendees into small teams. That means the members of a team can work together without disturbing others.

How to prepare for the quiz?

Now you know how to host a trivia night on Zoom. But you need to prepare for it too. Let us see how.

Pick a moderator

A moderator is the one who would ensure that the trivia night runs smoothly. Since you are reading this, I assume you would be the moderator. So, your job is to find out some cool and fun Zoom trivia night ideas and make the event successful.

Prepare your questions

You can get many trivia night question ideas from the internet. Make sure you do some proper research and come with exciting ideas. Zoom trivia nights are fun due to the fantastic questions asked by the moderator.

Set the Rules

You have to set some ground rules for everyone to follow. There are very high chances of people getting into fights during the game. So make sure you have a nice set of rules that you can send along with the invites.

You can also check out this puzzle in case you want to spice up the night.

How to secure your Zoom trivia night from Hackers?

Everything looks good until now, right? But do you know that Zoom meetings are highly vulnerable to attacks from hackers?

Don’t worry. Here is a quick hack for you to secure your fun Zoom trivia night.

Enable the waiting room feature for everyone. That means whoever wants to attend the meeting can enter only if you allow them. 

To enable this feature for all your future Zoom meetings, you can follow the below steps:

  • First, open MY ACCOUNT from the top menu on the right-side.
  • Next, click on Settings in the left sidebar navigation.
  • Select Security.
  • Enable Waiting Room.

Final Words

Zoom trivia nights can be a great stress-buster. Hosting a trivia night on Zoom is quite simple. Yet, it is a cumbersome activity to handle everything. So ask for some help from others and don’t take the entire burden upon yourself. This activity should be enjoyable for everyone, including you. 

So, go and organize a trivia night this weekend and let us know how it went. And don’t forget to tally the scores and send some superb rewards to the winners.

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