H1 update: What’s SpringRole been up to in the first half of 2019

While 2018 was a year of many firsts for SpringRole, if we were to succinctly describe the first half of 2019 for SpringRole in one word, it’d be — consolidation.

Working on our biggest learning from 2018 — to keep a razor-sharp focus on #BUIDL, we continued building out the product and launched the full-fledged version of the SpringRole platform on April 25. This was earlier than what we promised in our 2018 update.

Let’s take a look at the highlights of H1 2019:

  • Distributed SPRING tokens to investors, bounty hunters, and early user community in the second week of January, 2019 after the TGE (Token Generation Event)
  • With the SpringRole team growing, we moved to a bigger office in January. Since then, we’ve already added one more floor to accommodate teammates that have joined the SpringRole family.

  • The platform saw addition of several new features including Token Withdrawal, Add Note, Global search, Profile section, new referral leaderboard for referrals etc. This is apart from a revamped on-boarding experience, moving our entire UI to React.JS and several improvements to the Blockchain user experience. More on this in the Product section below.
  • SpringVerify, our Blockchain-backed Employee Background Verification product has grown immensely with over 40 new-age companies in India using it to do background checks for their employees. We are adding two new companies on average each week to this list.

  • SpringVerify B2B for the US market is also ready for a v1 launch by the end of July. v0 is already being used for Employee Background Checks in the US. This also powers the token economics for us as SPRING token is the preferred mode of payment for these checks.

  • We were consistently ranked a Top 10 DApp globally as part of Blockstack’s App Mining program for the period of January-May. As part of this program, apart from getting product feedback, access to the 100,000+ Blockstack apps user community, SpringRole was also rewarded $50k in BTC as part of the program.
  • We doubled down on spreading the word about our product (SpringVerify), our platform (SpringRole), our team members and about our mission and vision by doing more content. More about this in the Content section below.
  • We announced a partnership with Matic earlier this month (technically, this happened in H2).
  • Our user community grew from 35,000 at the beginning of this year to 46,600+ (as of writing this).
  • In terms of our team, we more than doubled our team by going from 16 employees to 40+ today (and counting…)

Here are the updates on Product, Team, Content and User community in more detail:


  1. Search — The backbone of any network is the ability to search. We’ve launched full-page search results, and the ability to filter between profiles and companies on SpringRole. We also added the ability to do a Global Search, using which you can search for people (even outside the SpringRole network) and you will get profile information about the person on-the-fly.
  2. Add Note — This feature allows users to take notes directly on the profile of a person who you know or just met. It’s as simple as searching and finding someone’s SpringRole profile and clicking on Add Note.
  3. Profile Section — We added the ability for users to be able to include snippets from other platforms onto their SpringRole profile. This includes platforms like GitHub, Dribble, Twitter, Medium, Quora etc. These customizations can be added as profile modules and the platform highlights some of the top stats.
  4. React.js — We shifted our entire UI to React.js. It was quite a task to shift the profile page to React but the gains from this process have been immense.
  5. oAuth API — We envision SpringRole profile to be everyone’s online professional identity. Therefore, we developed the ability for it to be able to integrate with other platforms that have other facets of your professional life. Our APIs can be used by third-party developers to pull and push data from a user’s SpringRole profile.
  6. SpringWallet — To make those users on our platform who haven’t interacted with a blockchain platform/product/environment, we created a wallet that’d provide them a frictionless first-time experience.

If you want to go through our monthly product updates, you can do so by going to these links: January | February | March | April | May | June


We more than doubled the size of our team going from 16 employees at the beginning of the year to over 40 today.

Apart from a set of brilliant Software Engineers, we also hired for some of our key non-tech functions:

  • Geno Jose (ex-Media.net) joined us as Content Specialist to help boost the word about our products, team and the vision & mission.
  • Synthia Dey (ex-FirstAdvantage, 7+ years experience) joined us as Sales Manager.
  • Jatin Singh (MBA-HR, ex-Engagedly) joined to beef up our hiring, on-boarding, and help us ramp up our culture. He’ll also be evangelising one of our upcoming products and help with on-boarding users for said product.
  • Vinu Prasad joined us as a Sr. Product Designer to help strengthen our Design team.

We are adding more and more arsenal to our team as we work towards the ambitious vision of SpringRole. All this while maintaining an employee retention rate of over 90% and a solid 4.9 rating on Glassdoor over 47 reviews.

PS: Come join us! We are hiring engineers — Node.js, React.js, Frontend, QA, PHP and more. Details: https://springrole.com/pages/career

User Community

In numbers, for the SpringRole platfrom:

  • signed-up users grew 33% from 35,000+ to 46,400+
  • user growth is 1000 users per month
  • over 600 Daily Active Users

Want to verify your employees with our BGV (Background Verification) product — SpringVerify? Check us out here: https://springverify.com/


With the addition of a Content Specialist to our team, we have been able to ramp up our content production. This includes posts on our vision & mission, team members, what drives us, and of course, about our product (SpringVerify) and profile (SpringRole).

Some of this goes back to the basics, like the one below that goes into the very need for SpringRole.


We started a series showcasing the daily lives of SpringRole employees. Take a look at what A Day in the Life of people who work at SpringRole looks like:

Product Manager — Shivhari Shankar
Blockchain Engineer — George M Jacob
Product Designer — Dinesh Senapati
Quality Analyst — Sheetal Tamta
Technology Lead — Karan Ahuja
Blockchain Engineer — Suraj Rawat
Software Development Engineer — Abhraneil Chandra

We have written quite a bit about our blockchain-powered Background Verification product — SpringVerify. This posts answer some of the burning questions about Background Verifications:





Over time we intend to create a repository of FAQs about all our products/tools, both present and upcoming and also, create a knowledge wiki for HR practitioners who happen to be our major content consumers.

We also created a Case Study with Bank Open — a neo-banking upstart from India that has been using SpringVerify for the background checks on their employees. You can check out the case study here. Or if you are more of a video person, check out their experience with SpringVerify below.

What’s planned for H2 2019

We have started the second half of 2019 on a great note with the announcement of our partnership with Matic. Not only will we be utilizing Matic’s scalability, asset security, PoS validators, but also their team will help us with marketing, user acquisition and other strategic support initiatives.

On the SpringRole platform, we are focused on the aspects of targeting and on-boarding the freelancer market. Apart from this, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be one of our core focus areas.

We are also working towards bringing self-verification via SpringVerify to the SpringRole platform. We are already seeing two users a week using SpringVerify for their own background checks (to bring in more authenticity to their profiles) and this is just a perfect way to showcase to them the power of the SpringRole platform.

We are ramping up our team and as of writing this at least 5 more folks will be joining us in the next two weeks. This also means that we will be adding a new floor to our office space. We want to be able to scale revenues proportionately.

About SpringRole

SpringRole is enabling everyone’s #VerifiedProfessionalProfile on the Blockchain. It is a decentralized attestation-based professional network platform powered by the blockchain.

SpringRole is the platform where people can view, share, and get attestations on their professional profile, thereby creating a verified resume that they can share and use. The organizations themselves verify a user’s educational qualifications and work experience, which is written directly to the blockchain. To assess a user’s skill set, SpringRole has a system of weighted endorsements that let users objectively look at people’s profiles and evaluate their skill level.

About SpringVerify

SpringVerify is the modern take on the age-old problem of employee verification being costly, tedious, and out of reach of small businesses. We are trying to build a platform where the employee verification process happens seamlessly and with minimal effort required from both the company and the employee.

We believe that employee verification is a must for any business. It is a critical process in ensuring that every employee working with you is faithful and could be trusted. CareerBuilder survey shows that a company stands to lose on average $17000 on a wrong hire. Read more here.

We have built the platform with blockchain and believe that it will change virtually everything it comes in contact with. Blockchain helps us in building a decentralized system which keeps all our data secure and immutable. Read more here.

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