Albus Top Features Roundup


half a million

Let’s pause on that number for a moment – that’s the number of questions Albus has answered till now.

Now imagine manually finding answers to those questions then what would that half million figure be replaced with?

Half a million instances of interrupted productivity?
Half a million rounds of frustrated feelings?
Millions of minutes wasted?

Not a pretty picture, right?

250+ teams now no longer face the above scenario and are moving faster with improved information accessibility. They receive answers to their questions without pinging coworkers or waiting days for a response.

Below is a quick walkthrough of the major features of Albus.

Since its launch, Albus has been limited to Slack. Users loved unified search experience however they cannot take advantage once they step outside slack channels.

Not anymore!

With the launch of the web app, Albus is no longer limited to Slack. You can now access Albus directly on desktop and mobile browsers too.

This means:

  • Access Albus from more places: Slack, web, browser extensions
  • Get answers fast whenever questions pop up

Turn your questions into answers no matter where work happens. Website, desktop, phone. 

Prioritizing Security at every Step:

For products like Albus, ensuring the highest level of security must be a top priority.

We have further fortified security measures in 2023. We didn’t just stop at the status quo but went well beyond it.

Albus is now SOC Type 2 certified, GDPR compliant, ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certified.

We regularly conduct PEN test (helps to hunt system weaknesses), employ a real-time 24/7 monitoring system and maintain an in-house security team dedicated to ensuring the safety and privacy of your data.

Furthermore, your data remains completely yours – it’s never utilized to train any AI models nor share with any third parties.

Read more about security here

Creating Teams:

There are instances where you may not want information to be accessible to everyone in the team.

Information such as financial projections, legal details, funding information, and more.

With the “Teams” function, you can take control!

Through Albus Teams, you can create specific groups/teams like “legal” or “executive leadership” as access-controlled teams. Albus will then only surface related documents, data, or chat history when asked by members added to those teams.

So if someone asks a question about financial projections, Albus will only respond if the query comes from a member of the executive team. On the same question, Albus will not provide an answer if the question is asked by someone outside the executive team.

You can now manage access and anonymity across various workplace knowledge pools.

Admin Escalation:

Albus typically does a great job of providing accurate answers to your questions.

However, there are those rare instances (and we mean very rare), when he might fumble and not come up with the right response.

To tackle that, there is an option of admin escalation

Whenever Albus responds to your questions, you have the option to upvote or downvote reply.

When you downvote, you’ll find an option to seek further help by clicking the three dots [•••]. Choose “Ask admin for help,” and Albus will alert the admin to step in and respond to the question.

The best part? The admin response lands directly in that same conversation thread where it was escalated. This keeps everything neatly tied together in one place, avoiding any broken loops in communication.

Slack Auto-answer:

You often have those few channels which are primarily meant for Q&A, and that’s where Slack auto-answer can come in handy.

When you enable Slack auto-answer on a specific channel, Albus will proactively participate (without you tagging him explicitly) in conversations to answer questions, add context, and more.

This is especially helpful for cross-functional teams. For example, when customer service asks a question, Albus jumps in with an initial response. Engineering can then review and add any additional context if needed.

Chrome Extension:

With chrome extension, Albus is more than just a workplace search tool. You can now analyze complex data by simply asking Albus. Don’t wrestle with a complex google sheet, just ask Albus in simple english and let him do the heavy lifting.

You can also summarize lengthy pdf and articles in one click. Albus will provide you with main pointers.

And for quick access to workplace apps, Albus can generate custom short links. No more typing or memorizing long urls. Just click and go.

Chat Widget:

The Albus chat widget allows you to add a customized AI assistant to your website or customer-facing platforms. The chatbot can answer frequently asked questions, reducing repetitive tasks and answering repetitive questions for your customer service team. Also your customers will be able to find answers to their questions in seconds!

To set up the widget, upload relevant documents and connect tools like Intercom, Google Docs, Notion Pages and more. Albus will take reference from those documents to address common customer inquiries.

Boost your customer satisfaction by providing quick answers anytime. Reduce CS workload so they focus on complex issues requiring personal attention.

Chintan Bavishi

Product Marketing Manager at Springworks.

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