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Getting started with Trivia for Slack


Want to spice up your Slack workspace?

Integrate Trivia with Slack and fill your work-day with thousands of quizzes, puzzles, polls, and other team-building games.

It only takes a few seconds to set up Trivia, bring your team together and have some fun. If your next thought is, “Great, tell me more about Trivia!” then this guide is for you.

This guide will cover:

  • How to add Trivia to your Slack workspace
  • An overview of Trivia’s suite of games
  • How to run games within Slack
  • Different use cases such as employee onboarding and birthday celebrations

How to integrate Trivia with your Slack workspace

To integrate Trivia, head over to Trivia’s home page and click on Add to Slack. Or, add it from the Slack app directory:

Trivia for Slack install

Next, enter your workspaces’s Slack URL.

Sign in to Slack

A screen will be prompted, which asks you to give Trivia permission to access your Slack workspace.

Once you click on Allow and agree to the Terms and Conditions, Trivia will be integrated with your Slack workspace!

The next step is adding Trivia to your preferred channels.

And that’s pretty simple. Just open a channel of your choice, and submit the command: /invite @Trivia.

Trivia Command

How to run Trivia Games in your channels

Once Trivia is installed, you can launch games with the help of commands or with the shortcuts in Trivia’s Home tab.

To open the Home tab, click on Apps in your Slack sidebar and search for Trivia.

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For our reference, let’s click on Launch Trivia Game.
This opens a modal with a list of games you can run.

Start a Trivia Game

After choosing a game to launch, configure options like the channel where you want to launch it, difficulty, category, questions, and more.

Start a Trivia Game -2

Once you launch a game in a channel, all channel members will get notified that a game is starting in 30 seconds.

Trivia game notification

Trivia’s suite of games

Trivia’s quizzes, puzzles, and games bring the much-needed fun & frolic to your regular work day.  Introverts to extroverts, anyone can play. No more awkwardness!

Instant Quizzes

With 50,000+ fun and quick-to-launch questions, introduce a nice 5-minute break to your busy work day and engage your team better.

With over 40 categories to choose from, Trivia quizzes are based on an MCQ type format with four options to choose from.

Our most played categories topics include science, tech, business, movies, entertainment, sports, and even Math. Look out for quizzes on GoT, The Office, and Harry Potter as well.

You can start Trivia quizzes with a simple command /trivia quiz.

Trivia quiz

Custom Quizzes

Trivia allows you to create your very own quizzes.

You can create a personalized question bank and hold special events for your teams.

Some Trivia fans love to create personalized quizzes for their teammates on their birthdays and it’s such a delight!

You can start custom quizzes with a simple command /trivia custom.

Trivia custom quizzes


An MCQ quiz format with a twist where it not only pays to know the right answer but fooling others with your wrong answer can fetch you points too.

You can start playing Gotcha! with a simple command /trivia gotcha.

Gotcha Trivia game

Word Puzzles

Solve thousands of Word Puzzles by rearranging letters to form words.

Yes, this is Jumbled Words inside Slack!

Test your English mastery and boast your skills with this insanely fun game format. These puzzles are great for competitive team-building exercises, but don’t blame us if you break your keyboard while solving a question.

You can start a game of Word Puzzles with a simple command /trivia puzzle.

Trivia word puzzle game

Vote for tons of opinions on controversial topics with your teammates and raise the stakes.

Don’t think pineapples belong on pizza? Find out what your team thinks of that!

You can run fun polls with a simple command /trivia opinion.

Trivia (un)popular opinions

This or That

There are no right or wrong answers in this game. It’s the option chosen by the majority that gets you through to the next round.

The winner will be someone who has consistently chosen popular choices throughout the course of the game. Child’s play! 😉

Start this game with a simple command /trivia tot.

This or That

Introducing Virtual Water Cooler

Recreate office banter and bonding inside Slack with topics that inspire friendly conversations and debates in a Slack channel.

From light-hearted conversation starters to thought-provoking questions, Trivia’s Water Cooler has got you covered.

Simply choose the date and time, and the Trivia bot will post a question in a channel of your choice.

You can schedule a water cooler chat with a simple command /trivia water cooler.

Virtua Water Cooler

Features that make team bonding super fun with Trivia!

Leaderboards (Gamified for maximum fun)

With Trivia, you can track your rankings while playing games in real-time.

Wait, that’s not all. We have organization-wide leaderboards where the best performer is placed right on top. That means if you’re a quiz wizard, this is your chance to boost your skills.

You can also go a step further and honor winners with physical gifts to make them feel more special.

Trivia Leaderboard

Go to the Trivia dashboard and click on the Leaderboard tab in the sidebar.

You can also filter the leaderboard by time – weekly, monthly, and all-time – game format, and category.

Schedule Games for the future (Automate team bonding)

You can schedule Trivia games and play them periodically. Trivia’s scheduler will automatically launch the game at a time set by you in your desired channel.

A great rule of thumb is to schedule Trivia games to launch on a slow Monday morning. This can quickly lighten everyone’s mood and ensure they get out of the weekend hangover in no time.

To schedule a game, simply DM schedule to Trivia in the Messages tab.

Trivia scheduler

Some handy applications of Trivia

7,500+ organizations are building a healthier, more engaged and productive work culture with Trivia. With more than 200,000 players on board with us, these are the most common use cases of Trivia:

Icebreakers for New Employees

Give new hires a warm welcome by introducing them to whom they need to know, right inside Slack. It allows the new hires to make memorable experiences right from day one.

Trivia games help them identify teammates with common interests upon which they could build further connections.

Happy hours for those Friday evenings

The last thing your team needs is another boring zoom call on Friday in the name of a team-building activity. People need something quick, fun and lightweight.

Trivia’s suite of games provides a quick 5-minute break, eases stress, and helps remove creative blocks.

End a long meeting with a fun game

Trivia is not just another Slack bot!

Trivia’s fun games and quizzes give a simple and intuitive way to keep your virtual teams, coworkers, and friends engaged. Create engagement in teams asynchronously or in real-time during meetings.

Celebrate birthdays

Make birthdays and other social gatherings awesome with Trivia’s suite of games and quizzes.

Create a personalized trivia quiz game that focuses on the guest of honor’s work, personality, and interests. We make it easier for your team to join the celebration and make someone’s day.

Remote teams

When your team is working remotely, it’s very easy to slip into isolation without anyone noticing.

Well now, Trivia has you covered!
Trivia empowers remote teams to build a stronger bond with fun-filled games.

Take your watercooler virtual and post conversation prompts in channels that encourage sharing (and friendly debates) like “what’s your favorite form of potato?” or “what song have you had on repeat?”.

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So what are you waiting for? Bring your team together right inside Slack with Trivia.