How Paperflite strengthened employee bonds with Trivia


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50+Technology, Information and Internet– Engage teams with short and fun games right within Slack
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Paperflite is your content-everything platform & revenue enablement solution designed to accelerate content performance and improve sales efficiency.

The platform makes it easy for business teams to find the best-fit content from across the company, share it with an audience across multiple channels, and track how they engage with it.

Paperflite’s intuitive analytics engine helps teams access powerful insights and key prospect metrics and know exactly what steps to take to boost their conversations and conversions.


EngageWith at Paperflite - The Success Story 💪

We got on a call with Reuben Godly Mathew – Human Resources Generalist at Paperflite, to discuss their employee engagement challenges, how Trivia has helped strengthen work bonds, and more. Read on.

Can you tell us a bit about Paperflite and what a typical work day looks like for you?

Paperflite is a Sales enablement software. We have 2 products, Paperflite and Clever Story. Paperflite, I would say, can be a one-stop solution for all your sales enablement needs, it facilitates content storage, enabling sales and marketing teams to find the relevant collateral, use it for prospects, and track its usage metrics. While Cleverstory is a content experience platform that allows marketers to create interactive content pages without writing a single line of code.
Coming to my work day, one great aspect of working with Paperflite is it doesn’t feel like work. As a Human Resources Generalist, I handle a few core HR functions such as recruitment, employee engagement, and operations.

What were the challenges that Paperflite faced for employee engagement?

We started in 2016 and operate on-site. Given that we are not remote, our challenge was a little different. Everyone is present in the workplace, there is face-to-face interaction and exciting activities, and everyone has some chance to engage with their coworkers.

We introduced Trivia to give our staff a breather and a chance to recharge directly from their Slack spaces. While larger events need extensive preparation and organizing, trivia just takes 5–10 minutes to play, and it’s a lot of fun.

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What was the reason for getting Trivia despite the fact that you conduct a lot of employee engagement activities at the office?

Yeah, it’s true that we have a dozen activities for employees. We host event events for the team in addition to Kahoot Evenings and outings when we book a turf and play games. Our main intention behind adding Trivia was to change the interaction from a weekly or monthly setting to a daily component of our routine. It might just be 5 minutes of a quiz every day, but it genuinely helps to unwind and bond.

How has Trivia helped foster employee engagement?

As I said, we are an on-site organization. We meet every day. Apart from our regular engagement activities, we have seen that our team loves trivia. Everyone is all set at 3:30 pm to take part in the quiz, and it’s fun to outdo each other. Trivia has helped strengthen our bonds. It breaks the monotony of our routines, and the quizzes are extremely popular at Paperflite.


How has the team at Paperflite taken to Trivia?

Early days but the team is very enthusiastic. The quizzes are a huge hit. It’s a great way to even break the ice for newcomers. The best part is that it does not require any elaborate setup or manual effort from the HR team. I schedule the quizzes, and everyone joins in to have a great time.

Our take 🥰

“Trivia helps teams conduct quick 5-minute refresher breaks right from their workspaces, Slack or MS Teams. Trivia has managed to get teams to bond better and boost a work-happy culture with remote, hybrid, or even on-site offices. 

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