How Noticed leveraged Trivia to boost employee engagement


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Marketing & Advertising

  • Employee engagement for a fully remote and geographically distributed team
  • Building strong connections inside Slack
  • Breaking silos and initiating conversations beyond work

Noticed is a digital experience and marketing agency that launches and grows D2C & B2B brands. Noticed designs and builds beautifully crafted and cutting-edge eCommerce experiences and manages full lifecycle marketing to drive sustainable growth for its customers. Noticed is headquartered in USA with teams in Canada and Europe as well.


The Challenge

Noticed transitioned from an in-office organization to being a fully remote one from mid-2020. During the past 2 years, Noticed expanded its team not only in the USA but also across Europe and Canada. With a remote-first culture came the challenges of engaging employees, fostering team bonds, and at the same time also organizing activities that would be inclusive for the entire team. 

Limited Team Interaction
As is with most remote-first organizations, the employees’ interaction was limited to emails, phone calls, and Slack. People earlier bonded over coffee or walked up to work desks to chat – this was missing in the remote environment.

The HR team at Noticed wanted to initiate cross-team collaboration and keep the engagement levels as they were before shifting to a fully remote structure. They also wanted to ensure that the employees take enough breaks from work and have fun with their teammates.


The Solution

Noticed was looking for a team-building app inside Slack that improved employee engagement, helped break silos, and boosted a strong team culture. They tried out Trivia in their workspace and were impressed by the results. Trivia integrated seamlessly with Slack and introduced the Noticed team to a range of fun and social games without the need to leave their workplace, download another app, or conduct calls over Zoom.

Noticed scheduled games every Monday and Friday and they were an instant hit. Employees loved the instant quizzes and the friendly banter that followed. The quizzes enabled employees to take some time off work, and indulge in healthy competition with teammates. 

The Result

After using Trivia, Noticed has seen an employee engagement rate of 70% and improved bonding between teams, especially cross-functional teams. Trivia’s fun and social games ensure that the Noticed team takes refreshing breaks from work, gets to know each other better, and is building a great work culture.


What’s Next?

Noticed is expanding to Europe and is looking to optimize Trivia to engage global teammates with Instant Quizzes, Customized Quizzes, and Self-paced quizzes – an async quiz format that runs for 24 hours and is apt for distributed teams. 

Want to boost employee engagement by 50%?

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