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How Leadle is making work fun for their employees through Trivia


Company SizeIndustryChallenges
40+Business Consulting and Services
  • Lack of an effective ice-breaker for new joiners in a remote setting
  • Zoom calls and fun hours did not get the desired results
  • Lack of employee bonds in a remote workspace
  • Needed a tool that would encourage employee engagement within Slack

Leadle Consulting is a 6-year-old GTM and B2B lead generation organization with presence in India and the US and service clients in India, Singapore, the US, Canada and the Middle East. Leadle has helped over 300 start-ups achieve market traction in the last two years alone and has tripled their revenues for the last 3 years. Leadle is completely bootstrapped and has gone from 0 to 7-figure revenues in a short time. Their services include GTM, Lead Generation, Sales Consulting & Social Selling.

Trivia at Leadle

We got on a call with Pavithra Chandrasekaran – HR Business Partner at Leadle, to discuss how Trivia has helped them build and develop employee bonds, break workspace silos, and laid the platform for newbies to gel with the existing teammates. Read on.

What were the challenges that Leadle faced for employee engagement?

Leadle is a lead-generation and GTM company. We predominantly partner with SaaS product and services startups and SMBs and assist them with their outbound campaigns, GTM, and revenue strategies. As the HR, I am involved in the entire lifecycle journey of the employee, right from hire to retire. For me, the employees are my customers, and I strive to make their experience at Leadle a pleasant one. 

Our main challenge was how to make work fun in a remote setup. From 7 employees in 2020, we have quickly scaled to about 40+, and in a remote setup, disengagement can seep in quickly, and it can hamper the morale and productivity of your employees in no time. Before the pandemic, when we were in the office and used to organize games, I observed that it served as an excellent ice-breaker for the new joiners. When we switched to working remote, I wanted to maintain the same level of engagement. However, organizing virtual events and asking employees to block 30 minutes to 1 hour for an activity was not ideal. Although it was an amazing initiative, at the end of the day, you were not next to each other giving high-fives or playing a team game. The activities that we organized virtually did not get the desired traction.
We are dealing with Millenials and Gen Z here, and we needed an unconventional but fun approach to employee engagement.


How has Trivia helped break the monotony at work?

One of the aspects of working remotely is not knowing when to switch off. Most of us have lunch and tea/coffee breaks at our desks. So we are unconsciously working without breaks. Trivia has helped us to schedule a quick 5-10 minutes break and have fun. Ideally, in a workplace scenario, we would be taking a few breaks to refresh, and Trivia is helping us do just that. I am working on a task, and I get a prompt about a quiz happening on the channel and promptly join in. It’s a simple way to take a break and still not need to move outside of Slack.

How has Trivia solved the employee engagement challenge?

It’s employee engagement on auto-pilot. I believe that employee engagement is an ongoing activity. You cannot have it just once a month or a week. In a remote or hybrid setup, the responsibility grows many folds. When we were organizing virtual events, participation was never a challenge. However, organizing each event was a tough task.  We are a small team, and there are many other HR tasks that we need to prioritize along with employee engagement.
So for us, what is solved is:
a) Eliminated the need to scout, arrange, and conduct a virtual event from scratch
b) Employee engagement activities could be scheduled at the click of a button
c) People absolutely enjoy the quizzes and the connecting with their teammates every day

I would say Trivia is a blessing for HR teams and a must-have tool for employee engagement. 

Trivia game room screenshot

How has your team taken to Trivia?

They love it! We’ve had instant quizzes, Who is this, Know your team, GIF Charades, Water Cooler, and VirtualCoffee. We as a group like to play and enjoy ourselves while working and that’s how it should be. I think we haven’t tried Emoji Rebus and Pictionary as yet but will be doing that soon.

Water Cooler is very topic-dependent, but VirtualCoffee is such a revelation. We get to know so much about our teammates from just 5-10 minutes of interaction. It helps us connect outside of work talk and form a real connection. We have our founders connect with their teammates on VirtualCoffee, and it’s the perfect ice-breaker. Both VirtualCoffee and Water Cooler have been instrumental in getting people to connect. 

Pavithra Chandrasekaran, review 2

What encouraged you to select Trivia as your employee engagement tool?

We went with the trial version. We had a test group and the impact was there for everyone to see. The game scheduling was easy, there were a good mix of game categories and the test group had fun with it. Based on the trial version and the potential it had, we decided to go ahead with Trivia.

Pavithra Chandrasekaran, review 1

If Trivia were not there tomorrow, what would be the reaction at Leadle?

Ohh an outburst definitely! Everybody’s calendar would suddenly be free at 5 30 pm and not in a good way 😁😁😁. This 5-10 minute activity reinvigorates each of us; if Trivia was not there, we would miss our daily dose of fun. Trivia has quickly become an integral part of our workday, and we definitely want it to continue. 

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