How SpringVerify added a professional verification layer to Hydus’s well-organized hiring process.


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Hydus specializes in providing Enterprise Integration (EI), Business Intelligence (BI), and Data Warehousing (DW) solutions to customers globally. In addition, it specializes in providing strategic end-to-end solutions. Their portfolio includes many Fortune 500 clients in the US, UK, and Canada. 

We spoke to Chandipriya Marisetti- Assistant Manager, HR at Hydus, an XTIVIA Company.

Below is an edited version of the transcription based on our discussion, where she shares her experience of using SpringVerify.

“SpringVerify team goes above and beyond verification.”

I had an issue with the standard agreement from SpringVerify even before onboarding, but the team understood my problem and worked on a tailormade agreement. It was dealt with in a very professional manner. I was impressed, and the first impression was the right one. 

“I can be at peace after uploading candidate details for verification.”

When I upload a candidate detail, I don’t need to go back and follow up with SpringVerify or the candidate about anything. Even if the candidate doesn’t share the details, I see reminder emails going out automatically with no intervention from my end.

“We realized the value of a professional background service provider after we started using SpringVerify.”

I consider Hydus to be very well-organized in terms of the recruitment process. We do a CTC check of every candidate manually before rolling out an offer, as we don’t want to run an elaborate background check for all the applicants. We only upload details of the candidate who have accepted the offer from Hydus. 

In some instances, even after the internal team cleared the manual CTC check, SpringVerify was able to find the actual information, which differed from the results of the manual check. Therefore, SpringVerify is now a need as every information on the report is reliable compared to manual checks. 

“Automation is the best part about SpringVerify.”

We used a different service provider before who would send physical documents signed by the candidate to a third-party vendor for verification and then courier a report back to us; it was time-consuming and impractical. SpringVerify has removed all the unnecessary layers and made it a very sophisticated process. 

Settling into SpringVerify was extremely easy, and it’s a convenient tool; it barely takes me a few minutes to initiate a check, and then everything else is automated with necessary alerts directly reaching my inbox. 

“The user experience is worth a 9/10 rating.”

The dashboard is pretty straightforward. Icons and color-coding represent each verification process stage; it saves tons of time than opening each file and checking the status. 

“The support team also deserves a 9/10 rating for outstanding service.”

The customer support is amicable. I never need to go back to them asking for an update. I have worked with different account managers, and the experience is unmatched. There’s never a need for escalation or reminders; things just get done.

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