Building your own Google at workspace


Picture this:

To develop a product roadmap, you need a list of customers who churned between October and December 2023.

You first try to find on HubSpot, but it turns out that the information is generally not updated there. The Customer Success team typically sends out a Google Sheet each month.

You start looking for that sheet in sea Slack messages, only to discover that it is shared only once a month, and the current one is not the latest update.

You turn to the Customer Success team for help, and they direct you to Salesforce as the source of the most up-to-date information. FINALLY!

The challenge? 
You’re not exactly fluent in navigating Salesforce, making it a struggle to locate the specific report.

The cycle continues, each attempt to find the particular information becomes more frustrating and exhausting than the last.

The challenge of finding information happens at each step, whether it’s searching for the hex color code of your company, locating the minutes of a meeting with a client from last month, or tracking down the status of a Jira ticket.

Finding information should not be a task.

The difficulty in finding information arises because every workspace app operates within siloed environments. To locate information, one must remember the source and, in some cases, even the name of the document.

Enter Albus – A universal search for your workplace


Albus integrates with a wide range of tools and platforms like Notion, Slack, Jira, Google Drive, Intercom, HubSpot and many others. 

When you ask a question, Albus analyzes information from all those sources and instantly gives the relevant answer along with the source.

Unlike traditional search methods which are confined within siloed environments, Albus analyzes data across different platforms, enabling you to access all necessary information from one centralized location.

With Albus, You’re a question away to get relevant answers from information scattered across different workplace applications.

Explore Albus and experience the power of universal search experience

Chintan Bavishi

Product Marketing Manager at Springworks.

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