Building Strong Workplace Connections

[Free-eBook] Building Strong Workplace Connections: The Playbook

SHRM (Society for Human Research Management) says, “People with 6+ workplace friends report feeling deeply connected to their companies.”
And why not? After all, it’s the human connections that form the soul of any workplace culture.

This playbook gives a concise picture of how human connections form the backbone of every business and is no just something that is good to have.

Dive deep into why human connections shape the culture of a workplace and how you can enhance it at your organization.In this playbook, you will learn:

  • ROI of building human connections
  • How to build connection rituals & habits into every stage of employee experience
  • Making the shift from “Talk to HR” to belonging is everyone’s job
  • Creating time and space to build genuine workplace connections
  • Leveraging technology to boost and build human connections