How Sales and Customer Success teams at Benivo use Albus as their personal knowledge assistant


About Benivo:

Picture this: Your company selects you for an exciting international assignment. The initial excitement of a new opportunity quickly fades as you juggle endless relocation tasks from housing, immigration, tax and more, while also worrying about adjusting to a new city lifestyle.

On the other hand, companies and especially HR teams face significant challenges in managing global mobility. These include navigating diverse immigration laws, handling logistical issues like relocation and compliance with local labor regulations. With numerous systems, spreadsheets and layers, it’s difficult to scale.

Enter Benivo – the HR tech solution that’s transforming the global mobility industry and trusted by major MNCs such as Google, Microsoft, CGI and more. Benivo allows HR teams, employees, and vendors to collaborate seamlessly through a single unified end-to-end platform. The platform helps to simplify the relocation process by optimizing costs, enhances employee experiences, and improves program visibility. The platform enables HR teams to keep the focus on people and not paperwork.

Centralized document


“Running a complex system like Benivo can be quite the puzzle,” remarked Alex, Chief Product Officer. “There are not many people who know the ins and outs of the platform.”

Alex and the leadership team recognized early on that information accessibility would be a major hurdle in scaling the company.

Like most companies, Benivo started with centralized documentation. But as Alex noted, “The centralized documentation was clearly not a solution.” While information existed, employees still spent lots of time digging through documents trying to find answers. It was time consuming and often led people to simply ask colleagues for help, making those documents dormant.

“The problem was twofold,” Alex explained. First, despite having documentation, knowledge remained siloed across various apps. There was no single source of truth for employees to reference.

Second, since the information was siloed across different apps, the process of finding answers involved chasing down people across the company rather than self-serving the required information.

Alex knew they needed a solution that is a single source of truth that would make it easy for employees to independently get questions answered.

Albus Discovery:

When searching for a solution, it was essential that the tool have deep integration with Slack, as Alex explained. “Being able to ask questions right within Slack was key since that’s where everyone already spent their time.”

Along with seamless Slack integration, Benivo needed a true “single source of truth,” which led them to Albus for two primary reasons:

First, with Albus deeply integrated into Slack, the team could ask questions and find answers directly within their existing workflow. There was no need to toggle between multiple apps, making the process more efficient.

Second, Albus connects with over 30+ work apps and can make sense of all that data without the need of organizing or formatting in a particular way.

How Albus Helps:

“Albus is now the most knowledgeable employee at our company,” said Alex excitedly. “It knows all the ins and outs of our systems, keeping updated with information across our different work apps and thousands of documents.”

“The breadth of connections that Albus provides is truly amazing,” Alex continued. “We can integrate multiple work apps from Azure DevOps to Notion to Google Docs. There’s no stress to consolidate everything in one place or manually update documents. Albus handles it.”

Albus has put information directly into their teams’ hands. They no longer need to go through a maze of asking and routing for information that was shared before.

Alex shared that Benivo Albus is extensively utilized by two teams:

  • Customer Success team to answer platform related questions.
  • Sales team to answer RFP questions with minimum support from tech.

Albus helps the Customer Success team answer platform related questions swiftly without being dependent on anyone or shifting through multiple documents. According to Alex, while connecting Albus with tools like Notion and Intercom is valuable, integrating it with Jira and Azure DevOps is a game-changer. With those connections, as Alex emphasized, “The team can now be aware of development updates that may not yet be fully documented.”

Similarly, the Sales team is now answering RFPs faster with minimum support from Product & Tech team. Previously for RFPs, we were maintaining documents around key questions. However, even though some questions repeat in RFPs, the capabilities of tools have evolved between the two RFPs, making the documents outdated and irrelevant. Albus now handles the majority of questions that used to be directed to the Product and Tech team.

Alex observed that both Customer Success and Sales teams found themselves equipped to confidently handle client inquiries independently. They don’t have to wait for replies from teammates or dig through dense documents to find answers.

The Benivo’s leadership team made a conscious effort to increase adoption of Albus across the team, and now Alex notices a significant change in behavior. When someone has a question, their initial reaction is no longer ‘Who should I reach out to?’ but rather, ‘Oh, I can just ask Albus!’

Chintan Bavishi

Product Marketing Manager at Springworks.

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