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How Belkins uses Albus to improve community experience


About Belkins:

Belkins is a B2B lead generation agency but not a typical one. It’s a place where partnerships are nurtured, and people are prioritized over numbers – a rarity in the agency landscape.

With an extensive background in B2B sales and seven years of agency expertise, the founders (as usual) thought more than just business. The desire emerged to give back knowledge they draw after working with over 1000+ customers in the B2B space.

And that’s how Belkins community was born!

They don’t want the community to be limited to just another knowledge-sharing platform; but a place to connect with a broader audience, foster meaningful relationships, and collectively thrive.


Andrii, one of the community admins at Belkins, candidly shared, “We quickly realized that there are no golden rules in running a community.”

What they focused on was observing members’ behaviour, testing hypotheses, experimenting with different approaches, and continuously listening to feedback shared by members. This approach led to the organic growth of the community.

However, with growth came a tide of operational tasks – those administrative stuff which is often repetitive and somewhat boring.

This strain on bandwidth began affecting core tasks, such as fostering relationships and helping members with information—the very essence of why they started the community in the first place.

Andrii and his team decided to see whether they could outsource those (operational) tasks to technology and that’s when they decided to onboard Albus.

Belkins meet Albus:

Tackling Repetitive Questions:

As the community started growing, the influx of recurring questions became a challenge.

You know the questions like “What are the best outbound tools for small businesses”, “How to fix email deliverability” and more. Such questions often went unengaged and unanswered as they were already discussed in detail.

These repetitive questions declined engagement among active members while new members were finding it difficult to leverage the community.

With Albus, members now receive instant responses to such questions based on prior discussions. Andrii shared that Albus is now covering a large subset of unanswered questions by leveraging community-generated content.

Information Accessibility:

Andrii highlights that access to information has become as easy as it could be because of Albus.

For instance, instead of scrolling or doing keyword searches, his members simply ask Albus to help them connect with relevant people.

Members utilize the #intro channel in the community significantly by asking questions like “Share names of members who have experience in Venture Capital and are in the United States,” and Albus provides a list of names (including those that Slack doesn’t retain beyond the free plan – 90 days).

This opens more doors for dialogue and connection!

The feel of Futuristic Community:

Picture having a constant companion as you navigate the community to find information or search for people – that’s the feeling every member gets with Albus.

Community members appreciate and take note of how it’s helping them with their questions. They are able to make the most out of content generated by every member. For them, Albus is now like ChatGPT to find experiential content, shared by real people and untouched by SEO consideration.

This futuristic touch did help in increasing community stickiness and enhancing overall engagement.

In conclusion:

With Albus, the Belkins team could go back and focus on their core mission – building relationships and sharing knowledge instead of being overwhelmed by operational tasks and letting Albus do its magic.

Chintan Bavishi

Product Marketing Manager at Springworks.

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