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This article is a lightly-edited summary of the key takeaways from our speakers’ appearance on our podcast, “The Shape of Work.” If you haven’t listened to our show yet, be sure to check it out here. These speakers have an incredible stable of startup experiences to draw from, the kind of stories that are unbelievably helpful for HR/people managers to hear.

In this episode of our podcast, “The Shape of Work,” we welcome Rahul Jain. He is ranked “One of the Top 50 HRs of India” and has more than two decades of experience in this field.


Name of the guest: Rahul Jain.

What he does: Deputy General Manager of HR, UFLEX Group.

Find him on LinkedIn.

Get Smart: “So, one should always remember that when you help others, you grow with the person in the relationship and you become the person’s guide. You gain the trust of this person. And I believe that to be successful in HR, one needs to know the people, understand them and love them. So, that should be the feeling that should be the passion to be successful in HR.”


Our host, Lokesh Gautam, talks to Rahul about the functioning of Human Resources and how to excel in it. You will also learn about:

  1. Different HR practices in various industries.
  2. Ways to be a successful HR?
  3. Rahul’s highs and lows of the HR industry.
  4. Use of storytelling for effective communication.
  5. Rahul’s achievements through coaching and his personal interests.
  6. Making the best use of social media.


With more than two decades of experience, Rahul has covered a complete gamut of HR functions like Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development, Compensation and Benefits, and Employee Communication. Along with his extensive knowledge in this field, Rahul is also an Associated Certified Coach, Mentor, and a Social Media Enthusiast. 

Rahul’s journey in the field of HR:

Starting his career in 2000, his first opportunity was working as the Human Resources Development (HRD) Officer in Hindustan Heavy Chemicals. After working there for three years, he moved to Jammu while working as an HR Officer in Coca-Cola India. He explained his role in the company as transitioning from a franchise-owned bottle unit to a company-owned bottle system. Rahul worked on the Annual Business plan, Employee Welfare Measures, CSR, Learning and Development, and many other policies for them, all in between the still ongoing India-Pakistan conflict making it difficult.

He has worked in a diversity of industries from media, agriculture, commodity trading, shipping, consumer durable beverages, and chemicals.

How is HR different in different industries?

While working in Hindustan Heavy Chemicals, Rahul implemented things he learned during his MBA. His role in the company was to introduce HR- implementing performance, management, trading, development, HRD, and helping in ISO certification. Moreover, he worked in Philips, Baroda, twice in seven years, and called it one of the best companies to serve in. One of his most exciting experiences has been Cargill India, which gave him very significant international exposure.

Their engagement being low, Rahul ensured giving his best and staying connected in 45 cities. As a result, they achieved an engagement score of 92%. After working in Cargill India, he landed in Danik Bhaskar, where he managed 3,500 employees and revamped 36 policies.

How can you be a successful HR?

Rahul enlightens us with some valuable tips in order to be a successful HR manager. To start with, anyone in the HR function has to be very sensitive towards people. They should create positive and long-lasting experiences and treat the challenges of their employees as their own.

He further adds that gaining the trust of the employees, having the ability to know people, and showing empathy towards them, are some of the most significant qualities of a successful HR professional. They should ensure good business acumen, functional skills, and, most importantly, keep learning and upskilling themselves. 

Rahuls’ highs and lows of the HR industry:

Talking about his highs, Rahul mentions that he ranked among the “Top 50 HR on Twitter.” (Twitter Handle- @BeingHR). He has also been a speaker at World HRD Congress’ 17, Mumbai, and received “The Great Managers Award 2018” by People Business and ET Now. Rahul humbly admits a few of his career choices he was not happy with. He advises all HR professionals to be humble, adaptive, and always keep networking.

Use of storytelling for effective communication:

Rahul is a high believer in storytelling. He feels it is one of the most powerful solutions to ensure the smooth functioning of an organization. Older employees narrating their success stories to the newer ones can help them settle down more conveniently. He further adds that storytelling can be used in representing the company. It can also be considered a significant practice in industry forums, campuses, and social media platforms.

What Rahul achieved through coaching?

Rahul became an Associated Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation in 2018. While already developed in the Western countries, this field was still developing in India back then. Having coached more than 20 people, he gained a lot of insights into people and their abilities. He wishes to shape more and more future leaders through coaching and make them capable. 

Personal interests of Rahul Jain:

Among his personal interests, cartooning holds an extremely important part here. Cartooning gives him the power of expressing ideas creatively. Many of his creations got featured on different platforms, including “Business Today”. He has also tried his hands on political and digital cartoons. Apart from that, he is involved in social media where he shares his views on certain topics, photographs, reviews movies, etc. He also enjoys playing instruments, listening to music, and watching movies.

Making the best use of social media:

He advises everyone that posts can backfire at times. Thus people should align their self-image along with the content they post. He adds that people should put meaningful posts and make sure they do not offend anyone. Adding prompt responses can always help a lot in connecting better.

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