Announcing the SpringRole Referral Program.

We are really excited to announce the SpringRole Referral program out to our beta platform. You can now invite your network to SpringRole and when they join, you will earn SPRING tokens against you account.

How does it work ?

There are two ways you can participate in the SpringRole Referral Program:

  1. You share your profile on social media platforms and people come to you SpringRole profile — there, there is now an option to invite you to join SpringRole. Once they click on that button, they need to enter their ethereum and email address and you will get a mail for their request to be invited to SpringRole.
  2. You can reach out to people directly in your network and ask them for their ETH address. These could be people who you know either professionally or personally. Once you get their ETH adderss, you are ready to proceed.

Once you get their ETH address, you need to send them the INVITE token that you already should have with you (we airdropped INVITE tokens to your address). It’s up to you to decide how many INVITE tokens you want to send, although the minimum is 1 INVITE token.

That’s all you have to do, once they received the token and have signed up, you be assigned 50 SPRING tokens against your account — these tokens will be accessible when the platform goes live.

We’ve written down a blog post on how you can send them the INVITE token. We also have a video that you can check out:

SpringRole is a decentralized professional network and a network’s value grows when its people participate in it. User’s are at the center of what we do and at SpringRole, we realize the value of each of your connections — that’s why we believe the referral program will get you excited and gain rewards for the same.

Join our #telegram, #twitter, and #facebook communities.

Draft White paper: here

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