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Trivia pricing

Eleven months ago, we set out to build Trivia with a primary goal of getting people together, strengthening team bonds, and helping newly-remote employees the world over to fight the pandemic stress. 

Today, we’ve more than 5000 workspaces spread across 55 countries with 130,000+ players using Trivia.

To support the cause of team bonding across organizations, we launched a free-forever plan. We have multiple nonprofits using it along with universities, communities, charitable organizations, events, etc.

Trivia’s paid plans were priced based on the total members in the workspace. Having spoken to several of our customers, we got recurring feedback that this pricing method was not only confusing (guest accounts in the workspace, etc.) but also meant that Trivia pricing did not take into account active players. 

Taking that feedback into consideration, we are revamping our pricing to the only charge for users (players) who are active. This way, Trivia pricing is completely aligned with you.

How does this work? 

Simple example — If you have 10,000 employees in your workspace, but only 1,000 of those interact with Trivia during the billing cycle – we charge for just the 1,000.

Of course, our goal over time is to work with you to get as many of those 10,000 to interact with Trivia to ensure excellent team bonding for your organization. 

This may mean your workspace could be one of the few to see an increase in pricing. If that’s the case, we will go a step further and grandfather you into the old pricing tier. Forever. The decision to move to the new plan is completely in your hands. 

For more things on pricing, visit or let us know in the comments below. 

Happy team building!

Prasanna Venkatesh

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