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[February 2024] Automatically identifies connectors, better formatting and understand thread context.

Automatically identify Connectors:

Albus can now automatically identify the connectors(eg: Slack, Jira, HubSpot, Google Drive and more). Instead of having to specify your data source every time, you can ask questions naturally, and Albus will identify the right connector/source on his own to take reference from and respond accordingly.

For example, before you had to say:
“We maintain our sales sheet in Airtable. Based on that, what is the deal status for Quantum Textile Innovation?”

But now you can simply ask:
“What is the deal status for Quantum Textile Innovation?”

Albus is smart enough to detect the relevant connector to fetch you the correct answer, fast. No more mentioning connector names repeatedly!

Albus Understands Conversations:

When you @ Albus in a thread, there’s no need to repeat the question. Albus will automatically understand the context, follow the discussion, and provide the exact answer or add value to the conversation.

This feature will be particularly useful in public channels, where Albus can answer specific questions. All you need to do is tag Albus and let him handle the rest.

This will also enable your team to experience Albus’ capabilities first hand, ultimately driving increased adoption of Albus as their primary point of contact for any questions across work apps.

Better Formatting:

We’ve upgraded Albus from markdown formatting to Slack’s native text formatting. This means no more dealing with those annoying asterisks, underscores, and special characters in your answers!

Previously, Albus’ markdown syntax resulted in cluttered text full of distracting symbols. However, with Slack’s native formatting, the text will look cleaner and more readable.

You’ll get the answers you need but now in smoothly formatted text.

Faster answers with Direct Search

Albus now features direct search capabilities (specifically useful for straightforward questions), ensuring faster responses. This means you’ll receive quicker answers to simple questions through direct keyword search.

For instance, Direct Search in Google Drive means Albus goes into your Google Drive, conducts a native keyword search and evaluates the search results. Of Course Albus will consider both the embedded search and direct search before sharing the final and most relevant answer with you.

If you want to check the deal status of MoonCaptial. Now along with embedded search it will do direct search(on the relevant connector) and share the most relevant answer with you after considering both.

[February 2024] Generate Graphs, Search Improvements and more.

Enhance Albus search with Description:

Help Albus to help you (faster)!

You can now add descriptions to connectors and data sources within it. This helps Albus better understand and contextualize your connected data, eventually providing you with most relevant answers quickly.

You can add customized descriptions for each of your connections and connected data sources. Don’t worry – the descriptions for connected sources will be auto-populated, so all you need to do is review them and make any required edits.

Once the app is connected, you can edit the description. Click on the three dots and you will find an option to edit the description!

Similarly for the sources, click on the three dots and select edit description to make any changes.

Learn more about how you should describe your connections and sources.

Generate Graphs from sheet:

You can instantly generate and download any type of graph or chart to visualize your data. Just ask Albus to create a pie chart, bar graph, scatter plot, or any other graph type you need.

Generate custom graphs with just a simple question and easily visualize your data heavy sheets.

For instance you can ask a question like “Show me a bar graph of sales by country” and

Putting Faces to the names:

Your member dashboard just got a makeover with the addition of profile pictures!

Say goodbye to boring lists and hello to friendly faces. There will finally be faces to names as profile pictures will be displayed throughout the team member list.

Albus will pull profile pictures from Slack. If you are signed in from the web or the user does not have a profile picture in Slack then the initials of the first name and last name will be displayed.

No Token limits:

We have removed token limits for both plans, free and paid. Huge shoutout to Sam as OpenAI reduced their prices 🙂

Previously, the free plan had a 4M token limit shared by the entire team, while the paid plan had a 4M token limit per license. Now there is no limit to token usage, regardless of plan.

[January 2024] New Connections & Admin Support

Airtable and Basecamp connection:

You can now add Airtable and Basecamp as your information sources. As always, it is one click integration and you are ready to go. No more hassle of juggling between rows in Airtable or different projects in Basecamp.

Ask Albus. Get Answers. Done

Introducing Zapier Automation (beta release):

The highly anticipated Zapier integration is live now. You can now automate workflows by creating Zaps with Albus. Currently we only support Google Drive, we’ll be expanding to many more apps soon (like real soon).

Give it a try today by creating a Zap such as: “When a new file is added to a folder, automatically train it on Albus.”

Zapier Albus Automation

Get admin support anytime:

Now, even if your team hits the monthly questions limit, they can still escalate issues to the admin for help.

Both users from free and pro plan can access the admin escalation functionality even after the question quota is over.


Chintan Bavishi

Product Marketing Manager at Springworks.

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