What’s new at EngageWith – A closer look at the cool new things we shipped!


At EngageWith, innovation is ingrained in our DNA. We consistently gather insights, listen to our users’ feedback, and leverage the latest technologies to improve our platform’s functionality. Here’s a rundown of some of our new features and exciting updates on what’s next 🚀

1. Employee Awards 🏆
The much-anticipated Employee Awards feature is here! Now, recognizing outstanding efforts and achievements within your organization is easier than ever. With this feature, you can create, customize, and give awards seamlessly, celebrating milestones, accomplishments, and contributions that truly matter. What’s more? You can also create a poll and get your team to vote for their teammates.

2. Expanded Reach for Kudos and Shoutouts 🌟
Expressing appreciation just got more impactful! You can now send Kudos and Shoutouts to up to 5 peers simultaneously. Recognize multiple team members’ hard work effortlessly, fostering a culture of appreciation and camaraderie across your organization.

3. Pulse Surveys in Modal Flow 📊
We’ve revamped the Pulse Surveys feature, moving it to a convenient modal flow within Slack. Accessing and responding to Pulse Surveys is now smoother and more user-friendly. Capture real-time insights and gather valuable feedback from your team in an intuitive and streamlined manner.

4. 360 Degree Feedback 🔁
An employee-level feature facilitating seamless sharing of constructive feedback about peers within your organization. This feature is designed to empower individuals to contribute their perspectives and insights, fostering a culture of open communication and growth.
– You can send detailed feedback directly or anonymously to your peers.
– Mark your peer’s strengths/areas of improvement
– Get the feedback directly in Slack and engage in a healthy discussion with the author in threads directly or anonymously
– Find the history of feedback you sent/received in one place

5. AI-Enhanced Recognition Messages 🤖✨
Experience the magic of AI! Our latest feature incorporates AI-driven enhancements for recognition messages for Shoutouts and Kudos. With AI-powered suggestions, crafting thoughtful and personalized messages has never been easier. Elevate your appreciation game with smart and engaging recognition messages that resonate with your team.

Upcoming Features 🛠️

1. Suggestion Box 📮
An organizational-level feature dedicated to initiating discussions, sharing suggestions, and providing feedback about the company. This platform-wide feature allows all members to contribute ideas, share feedback, and engage in constructive discussions for organizational improvement.

2. Integrating HRIS Platforms for Seamless User Management on EngageWith 🔗
We are working on a pivotal enhancement to streamline user management processes on EngageWith. This aims to empower organizations by enabling direct integration of their HRIS platforms, automating user addition and updates seamlessly.
– Integrate your HRIS platform directly with EngageWith
– Easily import user information such as Date of Joining, Date of Birth, Manager, Department, etc
– Flexibility to select the types of users to pull from the HRIS, enabling or disabling options based on employment types available (such as full-time, part-time, contract, etc.)

3. Recognition via Web Platform 🌐
The recognition feature will be extended to function seamlessly on the web platform. Users will be able to send recognitions directly from the recognition feed, akin to posting on a public timeline like on social media platforms. This public feed will operate in conjunction with Slack, allowing users to approve, reject, or cancel recognition requests directly from the web interface.

This is pretty much it for now. 

In case if we’ve missed out on any feature that you’d love to see in EngageWith or want to know more about the above features, you can book a call with our product specialist. 

Here’s to building the culture of your dreams!

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