Top 15 Slack Apps for Dev Teams

slack apps for dev teams

From tracking bugs to fielding questions from potential customers, there’s more to Slack than meets the eye.

So which are the best Slack apps for developers out there? 

In this article, you’ll find 15 amazing Slack apps for Dev teams. Check them out, and consider implementing the ones that make sense for your team.

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1. Sentry

Sentry sends notifications to your Slack channels for the alerts and workflow updates you define. Take immediate action by assigning, resolving, or ignoring the error link. Assign new issues to any user in your org.

2. Stack Overflow for Teams

Search for answers to your team’s questions in Slack, start new questions directly from Slack, and stay up to date with customized notifications pushed directly to your Slack channel. Use /stack search [search term] to search for questions or answers from your team.

3. Bitbucket Cloud

With the Bitbucket Cloud bot for Slack, your team can get contextual information about your code repositories and take action without leaving your channel. Send friendly nudges to teammates about missing approvals on pull requests.

4. Zeplin

Zeplin is a collaboration app for designers and engineers that helps ease the handoff process by generating style guides, specs and assets automatically. This integration allows your team to receive updates in a Slack channel.

5. ClickUp

ClickUp is a beautiful productivity platform that allows you to get more done in your work and personal lives. Create tasks and comments from messages! Click the “more actions” option beside a message to select the ClickUp Assistant options.

6. Integromat

With Integromat you can connect Slack to your favorite apps, services, or devices. You will no longer need to repeat the same tasks again and again. You just create a scenario that will watch for new data being created in a specified app, and it will automatically trigger actions in one or more other apps.

7. Bugsnag

Bugsnag is a cross-platform error-monitoring system that detects and helps you diagnose crashes in your applications. This integration gives your team the ability to be notified in a Slack channel for errors that are reported to Bugsnag.

8. Moqups

Moqups helps your team – streamline workflow, clarify requirements, and get just-in-time validation. With Moqups for Slack, your team can easily monitor progress on Moqups projects directly from Slack channels. you can easily add a Webhook that pushes Moqups notifications directly to any Slack channel.

9. OpsGenie

OpsGenie is an alerting and on-call management solution for development and operations teams providing the tools needed to design actionable alerts, manage on-call schedules and escalations, and ensure the right people are notified of IT incidents at the right time, using multiple notification methods.

10. Workbot

Bring the power of your apps into Slack. Eliminate the app hopping and get actual work done across all your teams and the apps they use. Workbot helps you connect people, bots and tools in an automated and transparent workflow.

11. Backlog

Backlog provides everything you need for an effective development workflow, including project management, bug tracking, task management, and version control. With Backlog’s Slack integration, your team can get real-time updates on Backlog issues right in Slack.

12. Heroku ChatOps

With Heroku ChatOps you can deploy and promote code, and get CI test and pull request statuses directly within Slack. You and your team can stay on top of your Heroku app’s status without having to jump to another site.

13. Janis

Janis makes it easier for teams to train their bots, fix problems fast, and retain their users in the process, all from the comfort of Slack. Connect industry leading AI and your Messenger, or Slack bots to Janis in seconds.

14. Uptime Bot

UptimeBot is a simple website monitoring tool that notifies you in case of downtime or slow performance of your websites. Get instant downtime alerts delivered to your developer team chat space.

15. Slab

Slab is a modern wiki with thoughtful UX, smart search, and integrations that helps your team find answers faster. Create and search across your Slab posts, without leaving Slack. 

Create new posts with /slab create [name]. Search across posts with /slab search [query], and share a result to the channel.

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