Executive Team

Kartik Mandaville

CEO and Founder

Kartik Mandaville

CEO and Founder

Kartik Mandaville is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Springworks. While building contemporary solutions for the HR industry of the future, Kartik also serves as the Senior Technical Advisor at Science-Inc and Acting CTO at Plowz & Mowz and Burst.

Abhash Kumar

Marketing Head

With over 9 years of experience that includes being an early employee at high-growth companies like BYJU's, YourStory and now at Springworks, Abhash thrives in early and rapid-growth-stage startup environments.

His first stint was in Sales and BD with BYJU's, then he went on to take up roles in Community and startup-focused journalism, eventually finding his knack for Marketing. In his previous roles, he has headed the Digital Marketing and Growth team at YourStory

Anoop Suresh

Head of Business & Operations

Anoop heads Business & Operations at Springworks, overseeing new avenues to drive growth and creating strategic partnerships. An entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience across multiple domains and prestigious brands, he is highly adept at building technology focussed businesses with a strong emphasis on creating great products.

Shivhari Shankar

Head of Product

Shivhari Shankar heads Product at Springworks. Shiv focuses on the product vision, product roadmap and specializes in getting quick PoCs done for the product ideas at Springworks.

He also oversees all the UI/UX of the products. His expertise lies in having a deep understanding of the HR landscape and pain points and leveraging them to build products that truly revolutionize the HR industry in the digital age.

Karan Ahuja

Tech Lead

Karan Ahuja is the Technical Leader at verified professional identity platform SpringRole, a product of Springworks. Karan focusses on engineering infrastructure and builds enterprise solutions to improve HR processes.